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❝ Petit steps led him closer, thin hands held the average sized box, that contained collection basketball with five greatest NBA players' autographs. The redhead assumed, that shoes would be a common gift and he wanted to present something more valuable; ceasing his motion and drawing full attention on his persona, the former captain uttered congratulations, whilst vermeil hues trailed over the other's features. "Happy Birthday, Aomine. Impress me more in the upcoming year." [Oreshi speaking \o] ❞

For a moment there, Aomine’s brow arched at the sight of the Emperor. Now it was definitely a surprise that Akashi would be here, given the fact that it had probably been troublesome enough for him to have traveled all the way here just to congratulate him.

I…” His mouth was dry as he rasped the vowel, cobalt hues travelling down to the box held in smaller hands. He eyed it as though it would contain something explosive that would jump into his face, but given that it was Akashi, their old Akashi that had him shoving the thought away from his mind. “Aah,” he replied with a smirk.

He had changed — they had all changed in unexpected ways over the year, and somehow it made Aomine feel suddenly slightly reminiscent of their middle school days together, only now, their old bond had strengthened significantly.

And Akashi?” The grin was still very much in place. “S’good to have you back.”

laughs/ is it bad that I miss you more than I miss your aho?

Nope. nope. cross my heart and hope to die this is even better HAHAHAAHA *steals the spotlight even though it’s not my birthday e v e* hhh god i miss Singapore already ;-; Getting sick of all the Murican food and it’s only been a week since I’m here coME SAVE ME TORI SENPAI *intense whining noises*

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❝ "Aominecchi~ Happy Birthday!", the blonde greeted, a large grin plastered on his face. Kise sidestepped around Aomine to face him, golden hues flashing with mischief "So... one on one? I'll go easy on you this time, just because its your birthday!", he taunted, laughter seeping into his voice. ❞

"Haah? Who are you trying to kid, Kise?" Despite the taunting words, lips curved into a semblance of a lopsided smirk as he tried not to outwardly show the glee of being congratulated on his birthday. "You’re still a hundred years early to even think about beating me." That said, the acceptance of the blond’s challenge was signalled by the casual swoop of his hand that retrieved the basketball not too far away from where they were standing.


       A kiss full of paradox, very Aomine-like; aggressive yet tender, lustful yet loving. Kagami was used to it and it was the type he loved the most. A kiss from Aomine got him losing his thoughts within seconds and the hand that originally moved up to push at the chest is gripping onto the fabric of his boyfriend’s shirt as his lips move against the other’s, completing the kiss.

      A soft shaky breath is released when they finally part, though not quite. Their lips are still brushing, breath mingling— which strangely smelled like mint. Then again, Aomine always smelled like something cool and refreshing.

      Crimson flickering up to look at navy, he gives a slight hesitation out of mild embarrassment before murmuring out the words Aomine had demanded to hear again.

                                                                  “I love you, Daiki.” 

A boyish grin crept its way up onto his face as he pressed their foreheads together, eyes slowly closing as he soaked himself in the scent and presence of his boyfriend. While he knew Kagami preferred to show his love through his actions, he also knew that it would make the redhead uncomfortable to vocalise his feelings. And Aomine enjoyed watching Kagami squirm, the fact that it was because of him only bolstering his sense of pride.

I love you, too,” he murmured lowly, the curve of his lips ever present even as he released Kagami from the hold he had on him. “Now…do you want to eat the cake together or try out the shoes with me on a match?”

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"Er…" Kagami looked to the floor then up at Aomine, locking gazes with his boyfriend. "Happy birthday, Daiki." He rubs the side of his neck and chuckles sheepishly, "I know you said you didn’t really need a gift but, it is your birthday and it comes once a year..I hope you like the shoes… Ah, but if you don’t we can always go together to get what suits you more." Giving a small smile, Kagami leans forward to give a quick peck on the lips. "…I love you, Aho. And once again, happy birthday." 

If Aomine were to be honest, he couldn’t say that he was surprised that Kagami had remembered his birthday and even went as far to bake him a cake and get him a pair of sneakers that he internally swore would have it’s own special place in his special shoe collection. It was just so Kagami to break out on the celebration and of course, there was him who had offhandedly lamented about wanting a cake even though it wasn’t like he was going to eat the cake anyway, but it was his birthday so he was allowed to act spoiled for the day without any repercussions, right?

With the surprise-induced tension slowly ebbing away from his frozen figure, the tanned male snaked an arm around the other’s waist, pulling him back to him as his lips crashed down on Kagami’s, his kiss plundering, demanding and asserting as he claimed the other’s mouth.

What surprised him were the three words that Kagami had uttered, words he rarely heard and when he did hear it, he treasured it and carved it into his mind.

Say it again,” he growled against the other’s mouth as he broke the kiss, his breathing slightly laboured, a hand cupping the redhead’s nape in a firm hold to keep him there. “I want to hear you say it again.”

Brazenly napping even though it’s lesson time because.

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       Brows slightly rosed upon seeing Aomine’s reaction at the mention of basketball. It didn’t last long, but Kagami saw it. And for a moment, though they weren’t close, the redhead realized how pretty the dark blue orbs were. With a soft smile on his face, Kagami moves over to make more room.

        Returning his gaze to the TV, he lets a comfortable silence settle over for a moment before speaking.

         ”You know. If you ever get comfortable enough, we can go out and play. I’ll teach you if you don’t know how to. You just… seemed interested in basketball.” 

I know how to play.” Came a wistful reply, navy hues that were glinting with excitement glued to the screen as his shoulders tensed, awaiting every score. It didn’t matter which team was leading or scoring — watching the game itself sent the thrill of the sport coursing down his spine in a pleasant shiver.

"…I love basketball.” He continued, admitting quietly. He dared not look at the other, a hint of surprise lancing through him at the fact that he had openly shared something. Aomine wasn’t one to sit around and share woes, but for some reason, he felt that it would be okay to do that with the redhead.

And it terrified him.

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Huh?” Release? Permission? Was that the reason why Aomine was just sitting there? Exactly how did the previous owner treat the feline anyway? Come. Sit. Stay. Every single action… was it controlled by a single word uttered from a human?

You don’t have to wait on my words all the time. If you want to move, you move. If you want to eat, you eat. I don’t expect you to be anything, Aomine. There are certain rules you should follow, yeah, but there are things you want or don’t want to do, right?” Kagami patted the space on the sofa next to him.

Wanna watch basketball together?”  

Basketball. Ears twitched, almost excitedly at the mention of the sport. his expression softened then, a hint of light reaching his eyes before it disappeared altogether again. With a small, cautious nod, Aomine prowled with the grace of a feline, only to look up towards Kagami, attempting to read his face.

Seeing that it there were no change in his offer, Aomine dared not push his luck, making himself comfortable as he lay at the foot of the sofa, beside Kagami’s feet. Despite the generous offer Kagami had attempted to give him, he would not budge — for he swore to himself the moment he had stepped into the house that he would not allow himself to forget who he was and who, exactly, made him that way.

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With the TV turned on, Kagami tries to pay no mind to Aomine. Perhaps giving him attention will only make the feline more anxious. But as each second ticks by, Kagami can practically feel the bluenette’s gaze on his back. Shifting uncomfortably, he sits up with a frown, looking at Aomine. Sure enough, the hybrid didn’t even move an inch from his spot.


Look. I don’t know who your previous owner was and how he or she might have treated you. You probably went through a lot but the past isn’t something that can be erased. I know it’s not gonna be easy moving on, but you have a new life here. I don’t expect  you to open up to me so quickly. Hell, you seem like a stubborn one, honestly… But sitting there staring at me isn’t gonna do anything. We can try to work things out step by step but if you’re not willing then I can’t do that. I took the chains off for a reason.”

He stared at Aomine intently, hoping for some sort of reaction or respond. Anything, really… 

Navy hues, despite the blank dullness in them, stared unwaveringly at the redhead, almost as though he was studying him, observing with a silent intelligence — which he was, the hybrid feline attempting to decipher the meaning to his body language. Then finally, he spoke.

You did not release me.” He murmured, eyes unrelenting. “You did not say I was dismissed.” He was still waiting for it, the furry tail behind him flat against the ground as he awaited for commanding words. “Without permission, I cannot go.”

Despite his large form, although not as well built as his owner but he was definitely taller when he stood at full height, Aomine looked on the verge of caving into himself. “I don’t know how to act like the pet you expect me to be.” He continued, the corners of his lips twitching into a wry smirk. “You should have listened to the store owner.”

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When I have kids this will be their lullaby song

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