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Touou #05- Power Forward
Relationship: Captured by the Baka
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—{{ Coughs right. A follow forever. I’m honestly not kidding when I say I’ve been really really looking forward and excited to do this. Think of it as an appreciation post, to my senpais, my rp partners and roleplayers I admire and hope to have the chance to roleplay with someday. KnB is the first and only fandom so far that I’ve expended so much time and dedication to and I’m honestly glad that I’ve met who I’ve met and befriended those I have. In the past three months, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried, I’ve fucked up shit and made up and I just wanna say a big thank you to you all who have talked to me, roleplayed with me, stood by me, got my head out of my ass and spoiled me endless ehehehe. Right look at this wall of text lmao okay I’ll stop rambling now =w=.

The Honorary 'Senpais'

resonatingmirage | intimidatingcaptain | ace-kagami-taiga | kaijo-kise | touou-goban

The 'I-can't-live-without-you' RP partners

zonedtaiga | lookatmytaiguns | thenavyking | sixteenth-jersey | noblessedenightingale | theshadowunderneath

People you should be following and if you're not you're losing out

absolute-emperor | acedaiki | akaitor-a | ashita-o-sakebe | badboy-hanamiya | bakaomine | bluereserve | bubblegum-momoi-satsuki | coach-riko | colossalkiseki | crushingboredom | cutesidelinesfan | explosive-clay | flowery—truth | formlessblue | fuukui | glamandslam | goldeneyedcopycat | gravesradium | harabakari | heterochromatic-king | iridisdux | ironheartangel | izukibeans | kaijoskopycat | kissaholicblondie | kizuatokirin | koganexcopy | limitlessmonster | momoisacchan | nijimurasenpai |rakuzansyaksha | redandblacktiger | royalentice | seirinoddball | seirinswarlord | takaoecchi | thesmallest—shadow | tigeronthethreshold | timidblondedreamer | tothepointofharsh | unbeatablelady | wildstiger 

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